Thursday, January 3, 2013

High Earners Face First Major Tax Rise in Years

An excellent summary, at the Wall Street Journal.

RELATED: At Michelle Makin, "Obama’s Tax Evaders of the Year":
Well, it happened last night. The U.S. Senate Democrats and bend-over Republicans delivered a massive tax-hike/puny spending-cut bill in the ratio of 41-to-1 tax hikes to spending cuts. This is the Washington idea of a “balanced approach” to our fiscal woes. The McConnell-Biden love connection screwed us over big time.

But as American families, business owners, and struggling entrepreneurs now brace for their “fair share” punishment, many of Obama’s wealthiest friends are busy evading the tax hikes their candidate spearheaded. Let’s ring in the new year exposing the hypocrites.
And at the Washington Free Beacon, "Gore Pockets Estimated $100M on TV Sale to Oil-Backed Al Jazeera":
According to the New York Times, which first broke the story Wednesday, Gore wanted to complete the sale before Jan. 1, 2013 to avoid getting slammed with higher taxes.
Higher taxes for thee, but not for me...