Thursday, January 3, 2013

It Used to Be 'Please Don't Feed the Bears...'

Now it's "Don't Kill the Bears, or Else..."

At the Los Angeles Times, "More bears mean more strife at Lake Tahoe":
HOMEWOOD, Calif. — She was born under a house on the west shore of Lake Tahoe and quickly became a beloved fixture in this rustic community.

She rambled through backyards and climbed into open windows to snack. She swam in the lake's impossibly blue water and sunned herself on the beach as if on an extended vacation.

Residents nicknamed her Sunny. She was one of Lake Tahoe's "celebrity bears" — animals so familiar, so seemingly at ease around humans that they've become de facto residents of this forested idyll where the boundary between wilderness and civilization has all but disappeared.

"She was the epitome of how bears and humans can coexist," said Ann Bryant, an animal rights activist here. "Until she was murdered."

The morning of July 30, Sunny was found dead on the beach, felled by a shotgun blast.

The killing infuriated Lake Tahoe's large and vocal community of bear lovers, who raised $35,000 for a reward leading to the arrest and conviction of Sunny's killer.

Others thought that wasn't enough.

When no arrest was made, the suspected shooter's name and address were posted on a Facebook page established by a bear advocate to shame businesses with unlocked and overflowing dumpsters.

Reaction was swift — and, at times, disturbing:

I hope the person who did this is not only prosecuted to the fullest, but suffers the same fate Sunny did.

Can we have open season on the person who shot the bear??

Burn his cabin down.
Oh, it's "animal rights activists"? Color me unsurprised. And that Facebook "shaming"? It's now the SOP of the radical left, to release public information on people who haven't even been convicted of a crime.

I'm sure it was a nice bear, and I'm sorry it was killed. But it was a bear. These granola goons would kill their next door neighbor before even entertaining an inconvenience from these creatures.