Thursday, January 3, 2013

Underage Southeast Asian Hotties at Lawyers, Guns and Money!

This is interesting.

I distinctly remember being accused by the LGM thugs of posting underage bikini babes here at the blog, although the alleged "underage" woman was Courtney Messerschmidt's 21-year-old blog-model Lauren. So for a big, lusty laugh this morning let's play some "accuse the accusers" with the f-king depraved clowns at Robert "Che" Farley's hate-site. It turns out these freaks really go in for some lovely young Southeast Asian jailbait:


Clicking on that link for the "23 year-old" "Yan he" and her teen-swinger friends takes us to, with some very busty underage girls popping out at the homepage.

And if you refresh the page at Lovers, Sex-Guns and Money you'll be able to "browse singles now" (even younger singles) at

And remember, Robert "Che" Farley's a counterinsurgency expert, so he's no doubt looking to help his fellow (young Asian) experts with some of that "love you long time" progressive mojo. You can't touch that, conservatives!