Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Nigella Lawson Heats Up 'The Taste'!

I tweeted with glee last night, at 9:05pm, actually:

And now here's this at London's Daily Mail, "Nigella Lawson unleashes her feminine charms while flirting her way through new US cookery show The Taste."

She's a hottie, as I posted previously, "Charles Saatchi Wife Nigella Lawson 'Has Seduced Millions of Television Viewers with Her Culinary skills' and 'Flirtatious Camera Manner'."

ADDED: Here's a little teaser Q&A with Nigella and Anthony Bourdain, at ABC's YouTube channel.

It's a great show. I'll be watching through the season. I love Nigella's accent. Very classy.