Sunday, February 17, 2013

Erick Erickson Brings Down the Hammer on GOProud's #CPAC Bashing

Everyone's all abuzz about the upcoming CPAC conference, especially as it turns out that the event sponsors have renewed the ban on GOProud's official participation. I wasn't so impressed with the GOProud idiots in 2011 when I was there, especially since they acted just like any other radical progressive group with regard to the political controversy. Now lots of the libertarian conservatives are whining about how mean the CPAC honchos are, or whatever, although I couldn't care less about making the tent bigger for these homosexual bullies.

In any case, here's Erick Erickson's smackdown, "This is Too Much For Me."

Read it at the link.

A lot of this is deja vu for me, but it's interesting nevertheless.