Saturday, February 2, 2013

Gritty Reality of Housing Projects in Memphis, Tennessee

I've long argued that President Obama is indifferent to the plight of inner city blacks. We haven't had an advocate for the poor in Washington, a genuine policy-expert advocate, since Jack Kemp was Bush 41's Secretary of Housing and Urban development --- just over 20 years ago. Kemp saw personal responsibility and market dynamism as keys to lifting the poor out of poverty, especially blacks. He made home ownership a priority and moved to privatize the nation's stock of public housing, distributing welfare populations outside of crime-riddled urban areas and encouraging work. There were some successes, but that's the kind of policy campaign that takes decades to effect.

In any case, see London's Daily Mail, "The Memphis Obama didn't see: Student who introduced the President at graduation reveals gritty reality of the projects where he grew up plagued by drug addicts, prostitutes and poverty."