Friday, February 1, 2013

'History of the Eagles'

As regular readers will recall, my wife and I saw the Eagles at the Honda Center in Anaheim a fews years back, and also Don Henley at Harrah's Rincon in 2011. They are  ---- without any doubt ---- one of the greatest American rock bands. Showtime's broadcasting the new Eagles documentary on February 15 and 16th, and here's the teaser trailer:

There's a longer trailer here, and at the Hollywood Reporter, "History of the Eagles Part 1: Sundance Review." And at Rock Cellar Magazine, "The ‘History of the Eagles’ Documentaries to Premiere on Showtime in February (Video)."

More at Rolling Stone, "Q&A: Don Henley Opens Up About 'The History of the Eagles' at Sundance."