Thursday, February 7, 2013

Joe Scarborough: John Yoo's Torture Memos 'Are Child's Play Compared to What the Government Can Do Now and Who They Can Kill...'

This is compelling television, at MSNBC, amazingly.

See Business Insider, "Joe Scarborough Blasts 'Terrifying' Drone Memo: 'If George Bush Had Done This, It Would Have Been Stopped'":
The morning after NBC's Michael Isikoff scooped the memo on the U.S. government's rationalization for legally killing American citizens, MSNBC host Joe Scarborough tore into the program as "terrifying."

"It's hard to say how many stop signs were blown through here," Scarborough said of the white paper, a 16-page document that details the legality of drone strikes on American citizens.

"But for those who were shocked at the Bush administration 'torture memos,' they must be really stunned at this." He called the drone memo "child's play" compared to the so-called "torture memos."

Calling it an "absolute mess" and so frightening, Scarborough said that "if George Bush had done this, it would have been stopped."