Monday, February 4, 2013

Obama's Latest Gun-Grabbing Speech in Minneapolis (VIDEO)

The Minneapolis Star-Tribune reports, "Obama in Mpls.: 'It is time to do something' about gun violence."

It's the same stump speech O's been giving for months now, if not years. And he sounds desperate while claiming he's not going to take away anyone's guns. And for good reason: He's obviously lying. He would if he could.

I don't see the transcript, but Lynn Sweet has this, "President Obama official schedule and guidance, Feb. 4, 2013. Minneapolis gun violence events." And at the White House blog, "Keeping Up the Demand for Action on Gun Violence."

More at the Wall Street Journal, "Senate to Move on Gun Control: Magazine Capacity Likely to Face Limit." And from the Sunlight Foundation, "Why gun control faces an uphill battle in the Senate." (That's a nice graphic on the Senate vote breakdown, via Memeorandum.)

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