Saturday, September 7, 2013

Disgusting Alex Jones Misogynist Attack on @Alyssa_Milano

So, on Twitter this afternoon Becca Lower tweets her post on Alyssa Milano's sex tape. It's a Funny or Die joint (and not really a "sex tape"). But I checked Google to find a YouTube copy and up pops this vile segment featuring the despicable Infowars assclown Alex Jones.

I'd rather not repeat all the misogynist slurs he flings at the lovely Ms. Milano, who for all her "liberal" views is a nice lady and an ambassador for Major League Baseball. She's cool on Twitter too.

In any case, Robert Stacy McCain long ago befriended Ms. Milano on Twitter. I suggested he might defend the lady's honor with a smackdown of the woman-hating Infowars ghoul. And so he has, "@Alyssa_Milano Releases Sex Tape as ‘Social Statement’ (Alex Jones Is Nuts)." To wit:

“War whore”? Alex Jones is a despicable conspiracy theorist who spent years pushing 9/11 Truther nonsense. At the 2008 Democratic National Convention in Denver, Alex Jones spotted Michelle Malkin at a protest and he started shouting “neocon” and a bunch of other stuff, which incited some protesters to start chanting, “Kill Michelle Malkin.”

If it hadn’t been for Charlie Martin and Jim Hoft being there to defend her, who knows what might have happened?

I’ve hated that dangerous kookball ever since, and the fact that Alex Jones is now smearing a liberal like Alyssa Milano (while, characteristically, ranting about the “New World Order”) goes to show just how little Alex Jones’s paranoid anger has to do with actual politics.

Alex Jones is worse than those idiot liberals who were raging because Alyssa Milano appeared on Fox and Friends this week.

If anybody needs rational arguments against the Syria intervention, I’ll be happy to provide them, but you’re not going to get any rational arguments from Alex Jones about anything.
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