Friday, October 31, 2014

A Downbeat Electorate Looking Nervously Toward the Future — And Ready to Deliver an Epic Drubbing to the Despicable Democrats

The despicable Democrats are going to get hammered on Tuesday, just hammered. And I'll tell you, we need to utterly crush them. Crush their spirits and demoralize them. What comes around goes around and Lord knows the bastards deserved to be mercilessly destroyed.

I can't wait for Tuesday.

At USA Today, "Poll: High anxiety, low expectations as election nears":
WASHINGTON – As Election Day nears, America is the Land of the Fearful.

Voters are rattled by the Ebola virus, braced for years of conflict against the terrorist group Islamic State and still worried about jobs, a nationwide USA TODAY Poll finds. Two-thirds say the nation faces more challenging problems than usual; one in four call them the biggest problems of their lifetimes.

And many lack confidence in the government to address them.

"There's this cornucopia of icky that's going on right now," says Laurie DeShano, 38, of Bay City, Mich., an instructor at Saginaw Valley State University who was among those surveyed. She cites concerns ranging from ISIS – "We're absolutely in the cross hairs" – to the out-sized influence of special interests in American politics.

"Just to be painfully honest, it's obvious we're quite off track," says Mike Trujillo, 46, an emergency-room physician from Miami. "I never thought the country would be going in this direction, not in my wildest dreams."

President Obama's approval rating is a so-so 44%, and neither party is broadly trusted to handle the big issues ahead. By significant margins, those surveyed prefer congressional Republicans when it comes to dealing with the economy and ISIS militants in Iraq and Syria. By double-digits, they say congressional Democrats would do a better job in handling income inequality and social issues such as abortion and same-sex marriage.

On dealing with the Ebola virus, one in five volunteer that they don't trust either one.

But the bottom line seems to be that the downbeat mood of the electorate is favoring the GOP, whose backers are more enthusiastic about voting and animated by their opposition to Obama.
Yeah, well, Obama sucks skanky donkey balls. Crush the bastard, I say. Deliver an epic thrashing to the Democrat-socialist traitors. Make them pay. Render them beyond the pale of decent society. Screw them and their Marxist-collectivist agenda of hate and social regression.