Thursday, October 23, 2014

Desperate Democrats and the Stages of Leftist Grief

On progressive death and dying.

A great post, from Noah Rothman, at Hot Air, "Circular firing squad: Democrats ready to dump on Obama if they lose the Senate":
While the race for control of the U.S. Senate is not over yet, and Democrats are aggressively defending embattled incumbents as well as supporting capable candidates in traditionally Republican states like Kentucky and Georgia, the situation is looking grim for the president’s party.

While the Senate is not yet in Republican hands, Democrats are engaging in the stages of grief right before our eyes as the last remaining bulwark propping up the nearly spent Obama presidency crumbles...

And see also, the Wall Street Journal, "A Catastrophic GOP Victory":
A President can use his veto pen, but he also has to pick his spots lest he become the main obstructionist. A shrewd GOP leadership would be able to make at least incremental progress toward the party’s goals of faster economic growth, rising incomes, and more health-care choice.

The media know all of this, which may be the real reason so many are so eager to portray a GOP victory as defeat even before the votes are counted. Their real worry is that Republican gains in the House, and a sweep in the Senate, would represent a repudiation of six years of liberal governance. Their fear is that a GOP Congress might even succeed.
Heh, I'm feeling the exquisite early pangs of schadenfreude.