Sunday, October 26, 2014

Embattled Democrats Move to Pin Losses on President Obola

President Obola needs to be quarantined.

At the New York Times, "On Campaign Road, Uneasy Democrats Show Obama Their Tail Lights":
WASHINGTON — Bracing for a difficult election in just over a week, when they could lose control of the Senate, Democrats exasperated with the White House are already moving to pin blame on President Obama, whom Republicans have made the centerpiece of the campaign.

Even optimistic Democrats say they have little more than a 50-50 chance to retain their Senate majority. Senior elected officials, strategists and donors have begun to openly criticize Mr. Obama, contending that his low popularity and some ill-advised remarks have proved toxic for candidates trying to distinguish themselves from the president to appeal to swing voters.

“It is all Republicans are running on,” Gov. Mike Beebe of Arkansas said. “It’s not necessarily the national environment as it is mismanagement by the White House, real and imagined.”
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Heh, I'm just tickled by the Democrats' problems. They're so well-deserved, lol.