Thursday, January 29, 2015

CNN's Kyra Phillips Discusses How Privileged White Career Women Can Have it All

CNN's Kyra Phillips talks to CNN's Brooke Baldwin, two attractive, successful white women, about conception and fertility for career professionals who're past their prime child-bearing years.

Interestingly, Brooke Baldwin's frozen her eggs (Kyra Phillips calls that putting your "beautiful" eggs "on ice").

Actually, I'm kidding about the "privileged white women" bullshit. I think it's awesome the Ms. Phillips and her husband, former CNN anchor John Roberts (who's now at Fox News) were able to start a family. It's just as I was watching these two women I could imagine deranged Imani ABL (Angry Black Lady) or any untold numbers of unhappy progressive SJW harpies going off about the white privilege of professional women's fertility issues.