Sunday, January 25, 2015

'If 'American Sniper' Was About a Turncoat Transsexual..."

"...Then Hollywood Would Love It," argues Doug Giles, at Clash Daily:
Two well known lovelies in Hollywood went in full, Anti-American-Doofus-Mode, this past week over American Sniper; a movie that celebrates our military, patriotism, Christianity and killing terrorists, via a sniper who could bust a jihadist’s noggin at well over one click.

Hollywood hates that type of tale and you can tell they do by how rarely such a film like that tumbles from Tinseltown.

Indeed, in today’s sassy milieu, Hollywood hails only as a military “hero” someone who turns against our armed forces, steals our secrets and sells them to an albino Australian, then gets a sex change and starts going by the name “Chelsea” instead of Bradley.  Heck, if that be the case, then Hollywood’s all over that script and championing that flick like it’s sliced bread and Christmas.  Yum, yum. But a movie that celebrates traditional values and sacrificial soldier work for God and country … nah… screw that.

The two dudes, as you know, who decided to show their true colors by slamming American Sniper and are currently reeling from the massive negative and national backlash are Michael Moore and Seth Rogen.

Moore tweeted out that Americans are “invaders” and snipers are “cowards who shoot people in the back.”  Since that infamous tweet, he’s been tripping over his gelatinous backside trying to explain away what we all clearly understood; namely; that he doesn’t respect our military and he thinks Chris Kyle was a coward.  By the way, I don’t recall Moore ever saying similar, disparaging things about his beloved Cuba or Che or Fidel. Which is telling, eh?

Rogen, similarly took to Twitter and hit the stupid button by comparing American Sniper to a Nazi propaganda film.  He too, has been trying awkwardly and unsuccessfully to dance his way out of that ill-fated tweet by blaming others for misinterpreting him.  Poor, little Seth … no one understands you.

After Americans collectively shat on them, both of these weasels started saying how they really liked the movie and how Bradley Cooper was amazing; but you know what? … we didn’t hear any of that praise until our country told you two clowns to kiss off.  It was then and only then that we saw you blowhards blow kisses in the American Sniper’s direction.

When Moore laid into American Sniper via his tweet, I immediately contacted my buddy, Green Beret Sniper Bryan Sikes, asking him what he thought about Michael Moore’s  calling American Sniper, Chris Kyle, a coward.  Bryan’s response was nothing short of epic.  Check it out…