Wednesday, May 27, 2015

5th Circuit Court of Appeals Rules Against Obama's Illegal Immigration Amnesty

It's gonna go to the Supremes.

At LAT, "Obama immigration overhaul and 'Dreamers' handed another legal setback."

And at Politico, "Ruling puts Obama's immigration legacy in jeopardy":
Latest legal blow could put final decision close to the end of his presidency.

A series of setbacks and delays in the key legal challenge to President Barack Obama’s executive actions on immigration could irreparably damage his legacy on the issue, even if the Supreme Court ultimately upholds his authority to act.

The latest blow came Tuesday as a three-judge appeals court panel voted, 2-1, to deny the administration’s request to proceed with Obama’s plan to grant quasi-legal status and work permits to millions more illegal immigrants while litigation over those actions plays out.

Two and a half months after the Justice Department sought an emergency stay of a judge’s order blocking Obama’s moves, the 5th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals turned down the request.

If the administration can’t get the Supreme Court to act promptly to lift the injunction or chooses not to try, the White House could find Obama’s long-promised immigration actions on hold until the Supreme Court rules definitively on the legal questions at stake — a ruling that likely wouldn’t come until next June.

At the clip, Michelle Malkin destroys Obama administration lackey Mark Hannah.