Sunday, May 31, 2015

Angels Hit Five Home Runs in 8-6 Win Over Tigers

Last night's was them most enjoyable game I've watched in a while --- even better than the beating the Angels gave Boston last weekend. Angels pitcher Jerod Weaver was smokin' last night. All the parts were humming against Detroit. And Game 4 is tonight, on ESPN. It's going to be a good one. Angels have a chance to sweep the Tigers!

KEY MOMENT: The Angels had already hit four solo homers against Tigers starter Shane Greene — including back-to-back, second-inning shots by Matt Joyce and Carlos Perez — when Albert Pujols came to the plate later in second with two outs and two runners on. Pujols blasted a homer to left field to give the Angels a 7-1 lead.
The was freakin' sweet!


And at ESPN, "5/30/15: Five home runs help Angels beat Tigers, 8-6."