Sunday, June 14, 2015

REPORT: Rachel Dolezal's Parents 'Outed' Her in Retaliation for Supporting Victim of Accused Brother in Child Molestation Case

Now this is getting juicy.

Althouse blogged it first, "'Rachel Dolezal supporting victim who accused her brother of child molestation, suggests parents outed her as white in retaliation'."

And the scoop's at the New York Daily News, "EXCLUSIVE: Rachel Dolezal supporting victim who accused her brother of child molestation, suggests parents outed her as white in retaliation":

 photo feb7a3bb-2064-4c32-b78d-bb8489c9f643_zpsygsbemk1.jpg
The sensitive matter at the center of the Rachel Dolezal family schism concerns a felony case involving charges of sex assault against Dolezal’s older brother, the Daily News has learned.

The white Dolezal, who has made international headlines for masquerading as a black woman, has been assisting a victim who has accused Dolezal's biological older brother of child molestation in Colorado, sources confirmed to The News Saturday.

Joshua Dolezal, 39, was charged in 2013 with four felony counts of sex abuse of a victim who was a minor at the time, sources and court records confirmed.

The ongoing case in Clear Creek County is set to go to trial later this summer and has a status conference set for Monday, the sources confirmed.

Dolezal declined to speak with The News on Saturday but previously suggested the timing of her white Montana-based parents’ media interviews about her racial identity was somehow connected to the Colorado case — and designed to damage her credibility.

The embattled head of the Spokane chapter of the NAACP, now under scrutiny for claiming she is black, kept a low profile Saturday after taking the 21-year-old adopted black brother she has been raising as a son to the airport...
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She's keeping a low profile, alright. Man, this woman is messed up.

She's expected to make a public appearance tomorrow, and as noted earlier, she's under investigation: "Spokane Officials Investigating Rachel Dolezal's Behavior on Ombudsman Panel."

According to the Daily News report:
Saturday’s stunning revelations came as the 37-year-old Dolezal was expected to speak with members of the local NAACP on Monday about the racial ruse that went viral since coming to light on Thursday.

It’s been years since she spoke with her parents, Larry and Ruthanne Dolezal. She became estranged from the pair well before the criminal case was brought against her brother, sources have said. Dolezal cut off contact with them sometime after her 2004 divorce and increasingly embraced black culture and brought her adopted brother Izaiah Dolezal to live with her in Idaho and Washington when he was a teen.

She even began claiming a close friend, Albert Wilkerson, a black man, was her father.

Paternal uncle Dan Dolezal said Dolezal and Wilkerson shared a father-daughter type of bond, but that her characterization of him as her real father bothered her biological relatives.

“I think Albert was kind of baffled as well," said the uncle, 63. “When she started calling him dad two or three years ago, it caused my brother quite a bit of pain.”
She's causing pain with her diabolical ideological "transracial" political charade. Her parents are aggrieved by her lies, and after being estranged for so long Shaniqua's siding against the family in a child molestation case involving her brother. Frankly, her personal life is completely shot. She's put her radical left-wing ideological program ahead of basic decency and love of family. She's thrown her parents under the bus because they don't back her lies. They are hurting. They obviously love their daughter and this whole national story is the result of this terrible woman passing herself off as black, lying about her identity, and bringing shame upon her blood relatives in the meanwhile.

This is what happens when ideology takes over a person's identity. Family is destroyed in pursuit of a radical racial political program. And frankly, it's only the super far-left ideological whack jobs --- with TPM's Josh Marshall as representative --- who are supporting her. It's not regular rank-and-file black folks. They're outraged at this ghoul's racial appropriation and they want it to stop. They want her to come clean. Own up to her lies and apologize.

I don't think that's going to happen tomorrow. I expect Dolezal's going to lay down some long sob story and dish out some "transracial" identity bullshit while preemptively attacking her critics as ignorant flyover bigots.

This is what the left does after they screw up royally. They never take responsibility. They never own up to the deviancy and deceit. They're bad people all around.

ADDED: At London's Daily Mail, "Did Rachel Dolezal's parents out her as white for supporting brother's accuser? Family rift 'deepened after claims of sexual assault against NAACP leader's brother'." (Via Memeorandum.)