Monday, June 15, 2015

'Vexatious' Rachel Dolezal Sued Howard University for 'Racial Discrimination' in 2002

Man, this lady is the consummate operator who's been working all the angles. Sheesh.

The Smokin' Gun has the story, "NAACP Imposter Sued School Over Race Claims: Rachel Dolezal Alleged She Was Victim of White Discrimination."

And from the comments at Black America Web:
Rachel Dolezal has not always pretended to be black. In 2002, when I worked at Howard University, she filed a lawsuit against the University and the incoming chairman of the Art Department, as “Rachel Moore,” her married name at the time, asserting various grounds of discrimination, including her race (Caucasian), color, gender and pregnancy. She alleged that the defendants refused to grant her a scholarship and Teaching Assistant position for her second year, and a faculty position upon graduation based upon her race, pregnancy and gender. She lost the case on all counts in the D.C. Superior Court. The case was Rachel Moore v. Howard University, Civ. No. 02-7193 (D.C. Super. Ct. 2002). She also lost her appeal to the D.C. Court of Appeals, App. No. 04-CV-00234 (D.C. 2004). She seems to be an opportunist and clearly embraced her white race when she filed the lawsuit.
At the time, Dolezal was using the surname of her ex-husband, Kevin Moore.

She lost the case, lost an appeals case, and had to pay court costs to Howard University, even found to be "vexatious" litigant.

She hadn't "transitioned" to black quite yet. See, "When Rachel Dolezal Attended Howard University, She Was Still White."

Added: More at Hot Air, "Revealed: Rachel Dolezal sued Howard University for … discriminating against her because she’s white."

Plus, the blogs beat the mainstream media to this story --- again, heh.

At Telegraph UK: