Thursday, July 16, 2015

Islamic State Tweeted Warning Ahead of #Chattanooga Terror Attack: 'O American Dogs!' — UPDATED!!

The war is coming home.

ISIS tweeted a warning, "O American Dogs!"

Via Atlas Shrugs.

Mohammad Youssef Abdulazeez photo Screen-Shot-2015-07-16-at-2.23.00-PM_zpss964tlfa.png


Nice Deb reports that the ISIS tweet came hours after the attack occurred. See, "ISIS Tweeted ‘Chattanooga’ After Shooting Rampage."

Earlier Fox News correspondent Catherine Herridge also reported that the suspect was "ISIS-linked," based on the tweet embedded above. I have no word if Fox News has corrected the claim, although Weasel Zippers is still running with the story at the time of this update (4:11pm).

ADDED: Now Herridge is arguing that ISIS is "celebrating" home grown Islamic jihad on Twitter, via the O'Reilly Factor (5:20pm).