Thursday, July 30, 2015

Marxist Political Cartoonist Ted Rall Fired by Los Angeles Times

Folks throw around "Marxist" in political debate pretty often, as an epithet deployed to delegitimize radical leftists. But with Ted Rall, it's not just throwing it around. The dude's really a hardcore Marxist revolutionary.

See, "Cartoonist Ted Rall Calls for Communist Revolution: 'I Would Like to See a Completely Leftist Proletariat Dictatorship'." And see his book, The Anti-American Manifesto.

Well, no surprise, but it turns out Rall's a documented liar as well, evidenced by his blog post at the Los Angeles Times that was debunked by the LAPD. See, "Editor's Note A note to readers."

More at L.A. Observed, "Ted Rall dropped by LA Times over blog post about LAPD."

And the freak communist Rall is interviewed at the CBS News 2 Los Angeles, "Cartoonist Ousted By Los Angeles Times Speaks Out."

BONUS: The dude's going batshit on Twitter, mewling and ranting about how he's going to get revenge against the Times. Man, not going out gracefully, that's for sure.