Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Europe's Migrant Crisis Reaches 'Biblical Proportions'

At the Telegraph UK, "EU faces migrant crisis of 'biblical proportions' as Germany registers 3,500 new refugees in just one day - live":
Migrants are arriving in Europe in ever-increasing numbers, with waves of people coming into the EU from Greece, Italy and Hungary. Latest updates here.

For those just joining us this evening as we wind down our live coverage, here is a summary of today's key events:

- Nigel Farage warned this morning that the EU had opened the door to an "exodus of biblical proportions."
- It later emerged that Germany has registered more than 3,500 refugees in the last day alone
- Meanwhile 350,000 migrants have crossed the Mediterranean since January, IOM figures revealed
- Yvette Cooper this afternoon called on "Britain to be Britain" by taking in 10,000 refugees
- Greece announced it has been forced to move 4,000 migrants onto the mainland as the Aegean islands are "overwhelmed"
- Bulgarian police this afternoon arrested one person in connection with case of an abadoned lorry containing 71 dead migrants
- This evening, Germans welcomed refugees arriving in Munich with food, water, nappies and teddy bears

We continue to cover the latest developments in the migrant crisis...