Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Open-Border Scumbags Call Out CNN, Demand Republicans 'Tone Down Rhetoric' on Illegal Immigration

Fortunately, I expect CNN's jonesing for some huge ratings, and will likely go all Lou Dobbs on these despicable "migrant advocates," a.k.a. far-left reconquista open-border thugs.

At LAT, "Advocates ask CNN to help tone down Republicans' rhetoric on immigration":

Illegal Immigration photo CI98mWVVEAAn7Pp_zpsqukqzqi6.jpg
A large coalition of immigrant rights groups is calling on the moderators of this week's Republican presidential debate to help tone down the heated rhetoric on illegal immigration that has dominated the GOP primary race.

In an open letter to CNN, which is hosting the debate, 62 pro-immigrant organizations from around the country voice concern about "the increasing hatred and vitriol being directed towards both people of color and the immigrant community by certain presidential candidates."

"The upcoming presidential debate will be a test as to how much leeway can be given to the language of hate," the letter says, while calling on moderators "to help bring back a civil debate."

Republican front-runner Donald Trump soared in the polls this summer after making immigration a focus of his campaign. Trump has drawn attention to several immigrants in the country illegally accused of committing crimes and has vowed to build a border wall and end automatic citizenship for children born to immigrants without legal status. He has called Mexican immigrants criminals and rapists.

The letter cites a recent attack on a Latino man in Boston in which the suspect may have cited Trump as an inspiration. That and other recent episodes are evidence that "these harmful words will turn into violence against our communities," the letter says.

Signed by groups including the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, the National Immigration Law Center and the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights Los Angeles, the letter also suggests a hashtag for those who will be tweeting the debate: #NoHateDebate.

When the crowded field of GOP candidates descends on Simi Valley for the debate Wednesday, they will be met with protesters from both sides of the immigration issue.

About four dozen organizations that support immigrants plan to rally outside the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, where the debate is being held, according to Jorge-Mario Cabrera of CHIRLA.

They will be competing with protesters who have likely been happy with the tone of this summer's debate.

The second rally, organized by tea party and anti-immigration groups, will be centered on the need to revoke birthright citizenship, according to organizer Ted Hilton. He said he and others had been working for years to end the practice, which most believe is a right protected by the 14th Amendment of the Constitution, with little results...
La Raza scumbag communists. Fuck 'em.

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