Saturday, September 5, 2015

Political Scientist Virginia Page Fortna, Carrying 9-Week-Old Baby, Kicked Out of APSA Conference Exhibit Room

I don't care about radical leftist political correctness and feminist collectivism, but if you're a political scientist attending the premiere academic conference, you should be able to cruise around the hotel, and visit the exhibit room (where you get lots of free stuff, especially books) without being expelled (and stigmatized).

So, needless to say, I'm down with Columbia University political scientist Virginia Page Fortna, who got the boot from the exhibit room at the APSA conference in San Francisco.

Our longtime blogging adversary Charlie Carpenter, formerly of Lawyers, Guns, and Money, has a report, at Duck of Minerva, via Instapundit, "WHY DOES THE AMERICAN POLITICAL SCIENCE ASSOCIATION hate babies?"

And here's Professor Fortna:

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CORRECTION: That's a "nine-week old" baby Professor Fortna has, not a "nine-month-old" baby. I just noticed the error while reading Steven Hayward, "APSA AFTER-ACTION REPORT."

Plus, see Inside Higher Ed, "Poli-Sci's Baby Ban."