Thursday, January 21, 2016

Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Seeks New Rules on Awards Diversity (VIDEO)

Look, leftists love affirmative action quotas.

If that's their stand for college admissions, it should be no different for movie awards. A fixed share of the nominations should go to minorities. Of course, then the question becomes what if minorities don't win? Naturally, then, you'll have to have quotas for the actually winners as well.

That's the leftist way to do it. Either that, or tell the leftist quota industry to got to hell. (And that ain't gonna happen.)

At LAT, "Academy board will weigh new voting rules to encourage diversity":

For the last three years, the awards body has been in the midst of a push for more diversity, inviting larger and demographically broader groups to join its 6,261 voting members, and in November, Boone Isaacs announced a new imitative, called A2020, intended to diversify the staff of the organization. But given the size of the academy, and the fact that members belong for life, any change to the organization's overall demographics has been incremental...