Friday, January 22, 2016

Ammon Bundy Talks to FBI in Effort to End Occupation of #Malheur National Wildlife Reserve (VIDEO)

It's be three weeks since the start of the occupation. Maybe folks would like it to finally wind down.

At the Portland Oregonian, "FBI and Oregon standoff leaders begin negotiations to end refuge occupation":

BURNS – Ammon Bundy, standing in a biting, freezing wind Thursday at the police blockade to the local airport, borrowed a cellphone from an FBI agent.

On the other end was an FBI negotiator who identified himself to Bundy only as "Chris."

And so opened talks between the leader of the refuge occupation and the federal agency in charge of bringing an end to the armed takeover, now in its third week.

For nearly an hour around noontime, the negotiator listened to Bundy's well-practiced litany of complaints against the federal government while probing for what it would take to end his occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge.

They ended the call with the promise to talk again Friday.

Bundy and Ryan Payne, another takeover organizer, said the FBI reached out by phone and by messenger starting two days ago.

Bundy said he had 14 voice messages Wednesday from the negotiator – the same day that Gov. Kate Brown publicly scolded federal officials for what she said was their slow approach to ending the Harney County standoff...

I'm hoping it all winds down non-violently. Everyone's heavily armed up there.