Sunday, January 3, 2016

Angry Anti-Refugee Protest at Church World Service Building in Lancaster, Pennsylvania (VIDEO)

Man, 2016's going to be the year of the epic anti-government protests.

My prediction: We're going to see violence, and it won't be isolated to so called "far-right" militias. Leftists are going start going all Red Army Faction on the hated reactionaries of AmeriKKKa.

At LancasterOnline, "Groups for and against Syrian refugees have loud but peaceful face-off in Lancaster":

Two very different visions of America emerged in the cold in downtown Lancaster Saturday afternoon over the Syrian refugee issue.

Rallies for and against refugees ended up in a peaceful — though sometimes punctuated by loud shout-downs — face-off on busy East King Street.

At noon, a group of about 30 people gathered outside the Lancaster office of Church World Service at 308 E. King St. for a series of speakers who warned of the dangers of letting refugees from war-torn Syria into the U.S.

Church World Service is a refugee resettlement service. Three Syrian families have been relocated in Lancaster County so far with at least two others on their way.

About 250 pro-refugee men, women and children soon showed up from a counter-rally in Musser Park and formed a block-long queue just on the other side of King Street.

Leaders for both rallies urged non-confrontational behavior and for the most part that was the case as participants let their many signs do the talking.

Those who want to see more Syrian refugees come to Lancaster County carried placards with such slogans as “We Are All Refugees,” “Welcome Refugees — Proud Lancaster Tradition,” “Compassion, Not Fear, Love, Not Hate,” and “Bigots Go Home.“

Across the street, amid waving American and Tea Party flags, signs read, “Aiding A Foreign Invasion is Treason,” “Keep Syrians Out,” “Remember Paris” and “No Sharia Law In America.”

One brief moment of solidarity surfaced when the anti-refugee rally started singing “God Bless America” and refugee supporters quickly joined in.

America is not being compassionate by bringing to its shores Islamic people who are not tolerant of other religions and homosexuals, said Dan Gray, a Schuylkill County resident and rally organizer.

“Sharia law is fundamentally incompatible with the Constitutional laws of the United States,” Gray said. “Syrians are not refugees. Bad things are happening there but we don’t have the space to take in everyone who had bad things happen to them.
“You want to help Syrians? Help them over there.”
It's going to get violent folks. Leftists are going to bring "some muscle" to silence the opposition.