Monday, January 25, 2016

Baltimore Residents Still Waiting for City Government to Clear Snow Off the Roads (VIDEO)

Baltimore's pretty much got the award wrapped up for worst-run city in America.

At the Baltimore Sun, "Baltimore City officials don't know how long it will take to clear snow":
On side streets where snow remains untouched, the mayor said, the fluffy powder has melted and re-frozen into unplowable masses that require construction equipment to pick up, load into dump trucks and drive away.

"It has only been 36 hours ago that the snow stopped falling in what was the largest snowfall in Baltimore's history," [Mayor Stephanie] Rawlings-Blake said. "Needless to say the recovery is going to take time."
And watch, at CBS News 13 Baltimore, "After Record Snowfall, Baltimore Residents Still Waiting For Streets to Be Cleared," and "Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake Provides City Update on Storm."