Thursday, January 28, 2016

Cliven Bundy Says Cops Shot LeVoy Finicum '3 or 4 Times When He Was on the Ground Dead...' (VIDEO)

Remember, we have a couple of competing perspectives: Here, "Report: Militia Spokesman LaVoy Finicum 'was shot three times while he had his hands up in the air...'" And here, "FBI and Oregon State Police: LaVoy Finicum 'reached down toward his waistband where he had a gun...'"

Plus, there's also the account of him charging authorities, here, "UPDATE: LeVoy Finicum 'Charged at Law Enforcement,' Then Shot and Killed, Driver Says (VIDEO)."

Well, the conspiracies are going to fly until officials release the videotape of the shootout.

In any case, rancher Cliven Bundy spoke to the press from his ranch in Bunkerville, Nevada.

Via KOIN News 6 Portland: