Wednesday, January 27, 2016

FBI Surrounds #Malheur Wildlife Refuge — Media Crews Told to Leave #OregonStandoff

Just now, at KOIN News 6 Portland, "FBI surrounds Malheur refuge, militia not leaving."

John Sepulvado tweeted earlier, "@OPB was told by FBI that we were on our own -- essentially stuff is going down and we need to move."

And from Andrew Dymburt:

: Welcome Instapundit readers.

Today's joint press conference concluded moments ago. The FBI, U.S. Attorney Bill Williams, and Harney County Sheriff Dave Ward all spoke, but none took questions.

See my updates, "'They're Going to Murder All of Us!' — #Malheur Occupiers Livestream Siege at Wildlife Refuge (VIDEO)," and "News Conference on Occupation of #Malheur National Wildlife Reserve (VIDEO)."