Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Report Suggests LaVoy Finicum Exchanged Gunfire with FBI Agents During Highway Traffic Stop

Following-up from my earlier report, "WATCH: Exclusive Video Shows Shots Fired in Ammon Bundy Traffic Stop Outside Burns, Oregon."

Here's the report at the Wall Street Journal, which has a rough sketch of the firefight that killed LaVoy Finicum, "Oregon Occupation Leader Ammon Bundy Arrested, One Dead, After Confrontation With FBI":
Law-enforcement officials familiar with the matter said the incident took place as Mr. Bundy and a handful of other leaders were driving to a public event nearby. Agents with the FBI stopped the vehicle, at which point one of the individuals in the vehicle pulled out a weapon, the people familiar with the incident said.

At that point, FBI agents fired. The individual who was brandishing the weapon suffered fatal injuries, officials said. Officials didn’t identify the dead suspect. Another suspect suffered non-life-threatening injuries, these people said. No FBI agents were injured, according to these people...
The "dead suspect" would be Finicum.

He'd apparently been talking apocalyptically in recent days, and in an interview with the Oregonian said that the feds were becoming "hardened" and loaded for bear. See, "Just Yesterday, LaVoy Finicum Warned That Feds Had 'Become Hardened', Brandished Rifles (VIDEO)."