Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Reports: Convoys of Military 'Assault Vehicles' Descend on Headquarters at Malheur Wildlife Reserve

I'm seeing multiple reports of intense military-style mobilization taking place in the vicinity of Burns, Oregon.

See Lauren Martinez, at KTVZ News 21 (Bend, Oregon), "Convoy w armored vehicles are leaving from where the airport is," and "We've seen at least 3 separate convoys head towards the Malhuer Refuge."

And from Arun Gupta, "After Ammon Bundy takedown, military convoy in Burns, may be moving on militants in Malheur," and "[Assault] may be in works on Malheur militants after Ammon Bundy arrest, FBI, OR St police assault vehicle gassing up."

Also, "In Burns, OR after Ammon Bundy arrest, assault vehicles, LEOs in full battle-rattle. Assault on Malheur militants?"

Plus, from Oregon Public Broadcasting, "Malheur Occupation: Militants Still Inside Refuge After 1 Dead, 8 Arrested."

And OPB's Ryan Hass reports that one militiaman is in for the fight, "Just spoke to militant David Fry. He said there are no children inside the refuge, but women are present according to him," and "Fry said he's willing to die after Finicum was killed. 'You guys took him out, now you're going to have to take me out'."

Plus, "Fry also said he spoke to his family tonight and 'said his goodbyes'," and "Fry wouldn't confirm how many militants at the refuge. But said the people who are there are 'armed to the teeth'."

Still more, from JJ McNab, "Militant says that the FBI has given them a final warning."

UPDATE: From Les Zaitz, at the Portland Oregonian, "FBI tells Oregon refuge occupiers to leave as authorities set up roadblocks."