Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The 'Black, Queer Liberation Collective' Takes Credit for Shutting Down Oakland's Bay Bridge (VIDEO)

The call themselves the "Black.Seed," although I'm not sure why. Sounds pretty weird. Seems like you wouldn't need too much "black seed" if you're in a queer liberation collective. It's mostly rough-and-ready bare-backing high jinks, NTTAWWT!

From last night, at the Los Angeles Times, "Bay Bridge's westbound lanes reopened after rush hour protest; 25 arrested":

The demonstration was carried out by Black.Seed, which identifies itself as a "Black, queer liberation collective," according to a statement released by the Anti-Police Terror Project.

The collective "shut down the Bay Bridge as a show of resistance to a system that continues to oppress Black, Queer, Brown, Indigenous and other marginalized people throughout the Bay Area," according to the statement...
Today, January 18th, Black.Seed has shut down the west-bound span of Bay Bridge. Cars are blocking lanes and individuals are chained across lanes to demand investment in the wellbeing of Black people. Motorists on the Bay Bridge can follow the action by tuning their radio to 107.9, a temporary radio station broadcasting the event. The action can also be followed on Twitter: @APTPaction

Over the last few years, we have seen San Francisco and Oakland destroyed by police murders, rising housing costs, rapid gentrification, and apathetic city officials. Last year, we saw dozens of police murders throughout the Bay Area; since June of 2015 in Oakland alone there have been eight Black men murdered by police.

Today Black.Seed celebrates and honors the radical legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Historically, our people have had to take drastic and dramatic measures to highlight the systemic abuses that harm our communities. 51 years ago, those who came before us participated in direct action in Selma, Alabama, to speak out against the harms of racism and oppression. It is this very spirit of resistance that flows through our lives and actions, in the Black Out Friday, Black Brunches, and highway shutdowns of today.

We are here to move towards an increase in the health and wellbeing of all Black people in Oakland & San Francisco. We stand in solidarity with APTP and demand...
Click through to read the list of demands.

And on Twitter, "Update: All 24 freedom fighters have been released!"

See also the San Francisco Chronicle, "Bay Bridge reopens after protesters chain themselves, shut down span."

When you block traffic on freeways and bridges, you don't bring people over to your side. You piss them off and alienate them. It makes good protest theater, I guess. And virtue signalling.