Wednesday, January 27, 2016

'They're Going to Murder All of Us!' — #Malheur Occupiers Livestream Siege at Wildlife Refuge (VIDEO)

That was an extremely tight-lipped press conference. The FBI, U.S. Attorney Bill Williams, and Harney County Sheriff Dave Ward all spoke, but none took questions.

Here's the reported tweeted from KOIN News 6 Portland, "FBI: Militia occupiers still at Malheur National Wildlife Refuge given ample time to leave," and "U.S. Atty: Numerous law enforcement working together to 'stop the threats'."

Also, "Harney Sheriff: Those arrested 'gave me ultimatums I could not meet'"; "Harney Sheriff: 'This has been tearing our community apart'"; and "Harney Sheriff: 'We don't arm up and rebel. This can't happen anymore'."

In any case, I'll bet authorities are going back out to the refuge to bring this standoff to and end, by any means necessary.

Here's the occupiers' livestream highlights from the Portland Oregonian:

I'll have updates shortly.