Thursday, January 28, 2016

WATCH: Sean and Sandy Anderson, Husband and Wife Occupiers at #Malheur, Post 'Last Dance' Video

Sean Anderson's the militiaman in this entry, "'They're Going to Murder All of Us!' — #Malheur Occupiers Livestream Siege at Wildlife Refuge (VIDEO)."

He and his wife Sandy are holding out with four other, including David Fry, discussed here, "Armed Militiaman David Fry, Among Last Holdouts at Malheur Reserve, Says He's Prepared to Die in Siege."

Now, according to the Portland Oregonian:
On Thursday morning, [David] Fry posted yet another video, this time showing a mournful scene at the refuge with two of the occupiers -- apparently [Sean] Anderson and his wife Sandy -- dancing to music blaring from a truck radio. The song: "Tangled Up in You" by Staind. The video shows supplies scattered on the ground, vehicles parked next to a small canopy, a U.S. flag propped against a pick-up truck.

At one point, someone said, "We've got someone on the hill behind us.

Anderson addressed the camera after the dance.

After Anderson finished the dance,

"We want to go home," said Anderson, dressed in camouflage gear. "We don't need checkpoints. We don't need felony charges. We're camping out here."

His last words in the scene: "God help us."

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