Friday, February 5, 2016

California Republican Assemblyman Matthew Harper Walked Precints for Ted Cruz in Iowa

On Monday I was so excited about the caucuses I wrote that I wished I was in Iowa to witness them first hand, to say nothing of campaigning for the candidates.

Well, Assemblyman Matthew Harper, from Huntington Beach, did just that.

What a great story.

At LAT, "A California Republican went to Iowa for the caucuses. Here's what his weekend was like":

It's a vacation only political nerds could love: a trip to chilly Iowa in the lead-up to its famed presidential caucuses. California Assemblyman Matthew Harper, a Republican from Huntington Beach, booked his first-ever trip to the Hawkeye State months ago, before he even had chosen a candidate.

Last weekend, Harper, one of the more conservative members of the Assembly GOP caucus, spent 36 hours making calls and walking neighborhoods in support of Texas Sen. Ted Cruz. He talked to The Times about his whirlwind trip when he returned...
I'm a political nerd, lol.

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