Friday, February 5, 2016

Donald Trump Holds 19-Points Lead in UMass Lowell Tracking Poll with 3 Days of Post-Iowa Caucus Data

Okay, following-up, "Trump Ahead by 11-Points in New Hampshire; Rubio Surges in 'Battle for the Second Tier' (VIDEO)."

Now, here's the latest from UMass Lowell, "FEB. 5: RACE TIGHTENING ON BOTH SIDES":
Today is the first release with three days of post-Iowa Caucus data. It appears that Clinton’s win in Iowa has led to a sizable bump. She now trails Sanders by 15 points, 55%-40%. Trump continues to lead his nearest Republican challenger by 19 points. Cruz and Rubio show moderate gains.
And see, "UMass Lowell/7News: Daily Tracking Poll of New Hampshire Voters, Release 5 of 8":
Trump Leads by 19; Race is Tightening

Meanwhile, after losing the expectations game in Iowa, businessman and reality television personality Donald Trump continues to lead his nearest Republican challenger by 19 points. Trump is garnering support from 34% of Republican primary voters; he is down two points from Wednesday’s release and four points since our first release before the Iowa Caucus. Senator Marco Rubio of Florida, who had previously gained in every day of our tracking poll, remains at 15%, unchanged from yesterday. Ted Cruz is at 14% (no change), John Kasich is at 8% (+1), Jeb Bush is at 8% (no change), Chris Christie is at 5% (no change), Ben Carson is at 4% (no change), Carly Fiorina is at 3% (no change), of Republican Primary Likely Voters 8% remain undecided.

Soft Support: 42% of Republicans Still Could Change Their Minds

Republican primary voters, however, are still making up their minds. In addition to the 8% who remain undecided, 42% say that they could change their mind...
Well, the "soft support" likely means that Saturday's GOP debate could have a real impact.

Stay tuned...