Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Former Senator Scott Brown Endorses Donald Trump at Rally in Milford, New Hampshire (VIDEO)

Not sure how valuable these endorsements are. Sarah Palin's endorsement in Iowa didn't seem to help Trump too much, although there's no discounting the earned media, so there's that.

At WMUR News 9 Manchester, "Scott Brown endorses Donald Trump at campaign event in Milford":
They held a joint press conference together, but almost all of the questions were about Iowa.

"Everybody wanted his endorsement and I'm very honored that he's giving it to me,” said Trump.

A lot of the national media tried to provoke Trump into being more expressive about what happened, but Trump did his best to just kind of brush off the loss.

From what he told the crowd, it was clear that the way this is being portrayed is getting under his skin.

"I think that we did very well. I did not expect to do so well. I guess what did happen is one poll came out that said I'm four or five points ahead and that maybe built up a false expectation for some people,” said Trump.

While he kept his cool with the media, Trump let a little New York slip into his vocabulary in his stump speech, swearing twice -- once talking about Russia...

Now, if Trump could get Brown's daughter Ayla out on the stump, I'm sure he'd pick up an even larger chunk of youth demographic, young male youth in particular, heh.