Saturday, February 6, 2016

Jeb Bush 'Is Not Far from Third Place' (VIDEO)

Call me skeptical.

If Jeb Bush comes in third on Tuesday I'll take the hot ghost pepper challenge, lol. (I'm not sure if I know where to buy the hot ghost pepper, but I'll worry about it Jebbie comes in third, heh).

At WMUR News 9 Manchester, "Andy Smith of the UNH Survey Center dissects recent poll numbers ahead of the GOP debate."

Smith claims Jeb's got a shot. Well, I did blog Jeb this morning, "Jeb Bush Was Supposed to Be New Face of Conservatism, But GOP Rivals Outpaced Him (VIDEO)."

Maybe Barbara Bush's stump speech will win over a few voters. I'll bet she'll siphon some of John Kasich's supporters, ha!