Monday, February 1, 2016

LATEST: Donald Trump Leads Ted Cruz 31-to-24 Percent in Last Iowa Poll Before Caucuses

As if we needed another poll, heh.

At the Hill, "Quinnipiac poll: First-time caucusgoers boost Trump, Sanders in Iowa."

And just now, at Quinnipiac, "First-Timers Put Trump Ahead in #Iowa GOP Caucus; Sanders Needs First-Timers to Tie Clinton in Dem Caucus."

Check back here for all the breaking news throughout the day. Shoot, I've been beating the "bigs" to the latest news all weekend, lol.

ADDED: Oops, I better check my ego here, lol. Ed Morrissey's got an analysis, at Hot Air, "Final Iowa Q-poll: Trump, Sanders up thanks to first-timers."