Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Marco Rubio Was Expected to Come in Third in Iowa: That's a Bronze No Matter How You Spin It; It Ain't Never Gonna Be a Gold (VIDEO)

From Amanda Carpenter, "The Real Story Coming Out of the Iowa Caucuses":

To listen to a number of folks in the media, Marco Rubio’s third place finish in Iowa is just as good as finishing first. But bronze, no matter how you polish and spin it, ain’t never gonna be gold.

Rubio was always expected to come in third, as evidenced by the fact that his own campaign was promoting their “3-2-1” strategy to the media only a few weeks ago. Meaning they hoped to place third in Iowa, second in New Hampshire, and first in South Carolina.

No matter. The real story isn’t the brainwashing prowess of Rubio’s communications team; the real story is that Cruz beat him with record turnout, something that was supposed to favor Donald Trump, and Rubio is nipping at Trump’s heels having finished one percent behind him.  And it’s worth repeating: Cruz won more Iowa votes than any other Republican in history. In history.

And this isn’t your daddy’s Iowa caucus, either...
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