Monday, February 1, 2016

MSNBC to Hold Democrat Debate in New Hampshire on Thursday (VIDEO)

So, the RNC cancelled NBC's initially-scheduled debate for February 26 in Houston, Texas. And now the DNC's going with MSNBC for its Thursday night debate at the University of New Hampshire in Durham. That's a weird --- even freaky --- kind of partisan symmetry.

In any case, at the Boston Herald, "MSNBC to host Democratic debate in N.H. on Thursday."

And Kasie Hunt reports below, for the least popular cable network, with Steve Kornacki.

It's scheduled for Thursday at 9:00pm Eastern, and will be just the second of the Democrat debates that's been in held during a prime time weeknight slot (four have been held so far, and two were held on October 13 and November 14, a Saturday and a Sunday, respectively, on the weekends).

The Sanders campaign was really upset, thinking the DNC was putting its weight on the scales for Clinton, and apparently negotiations over the additional four debates got testy.