Thursday, February 11, 2016

The Death of Twitter

Commentary has been all gloom and doom on Twitter's prospects, mostly because it's become the Internet's nearly exclusive haven of hatred and harassment.

At the New York Yorker, "The End of Twitter":
There are hundreds of millions of dedicated users (I count myself among them) who still see tremendous utility in the service. The core ideals that made the product great are not lost, yet, even if they’ve been obscured. The directness and power at the heart of Twitter—short bursts of information that can make you feel that you’re plugged into a hulking hive mind—are still its greatest asset. The company just needs to find the right way to show the power of those connections to a bigger audience, and the value of that audience to advertisers and partners. Not a simple task, but for Twitter an unavoidable one.
Also, at Instapundit, "ITS BIG PROBLEM IS CONTEMPT FOR ITS USERS, AND FOR FREE SPEECH: Why Twitter has run into trouble."