Friday, February 12, 2016

Will the Biggest Democrat America-Hater Please Stand Up?!!

Following-up from earlier, "Who Wants to Be America's Top Socialist?"

Maybe Hillary will win, considering that Mao jacket she had on, heh.

At the Other McCain, "Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton Debate: Who Hates America More?":

“Our elites are fixated on how disappointed they are with the tawdry public precisely because that allows them to avoid examining their own colossal failures.” — Ace of Spades, 2011
Ed Driscoll quoted Ace in the context of reminding us how much liberals hate America, or at least that part of America where white heterosexual men work for a living. It was a strange thing to watch Thursday’s debate between the insurgent socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders and the increasingly frantic former frontrunner Hillary Clinton, where the key issue seemed to be which one of them was more capable of destroying whatever fragments of American civilization might still be intact after Barack Obama concludes his eight-year effort to wreck the country.
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