Sunday, March 20, 2016

Amanda Carpenter Creates List of Conservatives Blackballed for Supporting Donald Trump

She puts her money where her mouth is.

At Conservative Review, "Blackballing Those Who Endorse Trump":
Here is the list of current federal and state GOP officials, former Republican officials, and private citizens who have formally endorsed Trump if anyone else is interested in joining me. Each and every one of his endorsers should be held accountable in their future elections or political ventures.
Jan Brewer and Sarah Palin are on the list, two of my favorite conservatives, heh.

Amanda's throwing down the gauntlet.

More at Breitbart, "Blacklisted: Drudge, Coulter, Hannity, Carson, Breitbart, O'Reilly, Christie Make GOP Smart Set's List of 'Ideological Hustlers'."

And back at Conservative Review: Brian Darling, "Against Blackballing."