Saturday, March 26, 2016

California Poll: Donald Trump Holds 2-1 Lead in Golden State, 38-19 Percent

Hmm, pretty impressive, but the 2-1 statistic includes Marco Rubio among the candidate choices. Cruz pops up to 27 percent with recalculation.

It's a new poll out from the Public Policy Institute of California.

See the Sacramento Bee, "Poll: Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton lead in California":
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump leads his GOP rivals in California less than three months before the primary, according to a statewide survey released late Wednesday.

The Public Policy Institute of California poll showed support for Trump at 38 percent among likely Republican voters, followed by Ted Cruz at 19 percent and John Kasich at 12 percent. Marco Rubio, the Florida senator who ended his presidential bid last week, received 12 percent in the poll taken March 6 to March 15.

With the totals recalculated to account for Rubio’s departure, Trump remained at 38 percent while support for Cruz grew to 27 percent and Kasich to 14 percent. Under that scenario, Trump, a billionaire businessman and political newcomer, bests the others with voters across all age, education, gender and income groups.

The survey comes as California Republicans, a beleaguered lot in this heavily Democratic state, find themselves in the unlikely situation of possibly deciding the fate of their presidential nominee on June 7. The Republican presidential primary, unlike down-ticket contests, is closed to all non-GOP voters...
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