Sunday, September 18, 2016

Leftists Cheer: Manhattan Bombing Not Tied to International Terrorism — Hoorah!

We're in a very bad state when the best thing to come out of a New York terror attack is that so far there's no official link to global jihad. Boy, leftists are not only breathing easier, they're cheering the findings. That'll sure tell those deplorables!

At the New York Times, via Memeorandum, "Manhattan Blast That Injured 29 Does Not Appear to Be International Terrorism."

Actually, it doesn't matter if al Qaeda or Islamic State was factually behind the attack. New York suffered a terrorist attack last night, one of the devices was a pressure-cooker bomb like the one used in the Boston Marathon attack, and but for God's grace no one was killed.

Frankly, regular Americans will be able to see through the left's ruse and appeasement. Donald Trump called it a bombing from the get go, and idiots progs called him out. But Trump was right. Even Hillary Clinton called the attack a "bombing" during the same statement in which she said no one should jump to conclusions. Progs are twisting themselves in knots. They can't even get their Orwellianisms straight.