Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Max Boot Advising Hillary Clinton?

Max Boot jumped the shark earlier this year with his op-ed at the Los Angeles Times attacking the nomination of Donald Trump, "The Republican Party is dead."

I don't care about the GOP, but I do care about Donald Trump, who was the real target of Boot's wrath.

I'm reminded of Boot's tantrum with his new piece at Foreign Policy, "Why Trump Is the Islamic State’s Dream Candidate."

I probably wouldn't even be blogging this, but a passage from Boot's essay is virtually verbatim from Hillary Clinton's comments yesterday on the New York bombing. Here's Boot:

The core of his [Trump's] approach [to global jihad] is to keep saying the enemy is “radical Islamic terrorism,” something that he (wrongly) claims Clinton never does. “To defeat Islamic terrorism,” he said in Ohio, “we must also speak out forcefully against a hateful ideology that provides the breeding ground for violence and terrorism to grow.” But there’s a good reason why both Presidents George W. Bush and Obama have been reluctant to speak of “Islamic terrorism,” and it’s not because Obama is a closet Muslim, as Trump has insinuated in the past. It’s because they realize that in the battle against terrorism, the United States cannot win unless it can get the support of most of the world’s 1.5 billion Muslims. By seeming to insult Islam and Muslims as Trump does, he plays into Islamic State and al Qaeda propaganda, which posits that there is a battle between Islam and the West.
I've highlighted the key portion, the part about "Islam and the West," which is almost exactly what Hillary Clinton said yesterday when she claimed ISIS wanted to pull the U.S. into a "religious conflict," a "war against Islam," which is why they prefer Donald Trump.

I'm sick of people like Max Boot, to say nothing of Haggard Hillary. See my post from yesterday for more, "Democrat 'Our Values' Talking Point: It's Not 'Annoying' — It's Evil."

If Boot's not advising Clinton, then the Democrat Party and Clinton's campaign have been working extremely hard at unified messaging for their army of surrogates. It's impressive messaging, but wrong for America. Unfortunately for them, they're going to find that out too late when Donald Trump wins on November 8th, which is becoming a distinct possibility the ways things have been going this last couple of weeks.