Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Los Angeles Unified Has Nearly 700 Unresolved Complaints About Failed Air-Conditioning During This Week's 100-Degree Weather

What a nightmare.

At LAT, "L.A. Unified has almost 700 unresolved complaints about broken air conditioning":
Jessica Melgoza is one of the lucky ones. A freshman at Banning High School’s new firefighter magnet, the 14-year-old has a prime seat in her English class — right in front of one of two fans.

All Los Angeles Unified School District classrooms are supposed to have working air conditioning. But as of Monday, when temperatures crept above 100 degrees by early afternoon, L.A. Unified schools had almost 700 unresolved complaints about problems with air conditioning.

Five, including two received Monday, came from Banning, located in Wilmington.

The current number of unresolved complaints is half of what the school system faced in mid-August, after school started, said Roger Finstad, L.A. Unified’s director of maintenance and operations. For the most part, the temperatures this school year have been more forgiving than last year, he said.

“For us, that’s a very modest backlog,” Finstad said. The district has about 30,000 classrooms...

Well, I wouldn't want to see a severe backlog then. That's inflicting cruel and unusual punishment on students, inadvertently or not.

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