Saturday, January 21, 2017

Been Offline

I've been offline all day, except for some tweets staring around 1:45pm.

I tweeted from the Crossroads Café earlier. Recall I blogged about it during Christmas break. The restaurant has the "Stronger Together" sign in the front window. It's definitely a safe space for triggered leftists, lol.

I do love the town's rustic feel, especially the Western ghost town storefronts. Is that kitsch Americana? Althouse would have things to say about that, I'm sure.

In any case, I don't care much about the Women's March, although I fully support the protesters' rights to march. Of course I don't love the anarchist black bloc riots, which in fact are intricately related the the Women's March, although MSM clusterfucks pretend there's a hermetically sealed difference between the movements. There's not. The only difference is honesty. At least black bloc leftists are out front about their tendencies. They'll "burn it down" with all eyes upon them. The women's marcher's would also like to burn it down, but if you confronted them with that fact they'd deny it, accusing you of being a PRISON PLANET PYSCHO!!

Plus, it was a fake news day. I mean, the debate was over crowd size and whether Press Spokesman Sean Spicer acknowledged greater attendance today than yesterday, or greater attendance to O's inauguration in '09 than yesterday? I've seen a few tweets to that effect, but Memeorandum has the controversy and it's stupid. (It's especially stupid that MSM hacks have turned whatever comments made into the TOTAL COLLAPSE OF THE REPUBLIC).

It's not just fake news at this point, it's shitty maudlin comedy. I dread following the news for these next few years. Purported experts and media professionals will race one another to the lowest common denominator of imbecility. Mark my words on that.

The biggest fact of reality that folks need to grasp is now Donald Trump's in power. The leftist Democrats are not. For two years that should be powerful rebuttal that anything stupid leftists attempt to snark. They get no Brownie points. Just remind them they're losers. They've been repudiated, and badly. Hundreds of thousand of pink pussy feminist cunts won't change at thing, despite idiot Ashley Judd's unhinged rantings.